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In addition to its impressionist matchup “Manet/Degas,” the Met unveiled Lauren Halsey’s spectacular new rooftop installation. Our critics weigh in on this year’s most thrilling shows.

12/7/2023 9:43:18 AM

Corrado Cagli, an artist of the 1920s through the 1970s, is still defying categories like “Italian artist” or “gay artist,” as a show at the Center for Italian Modern Art reveals.

12/7/2023 4:01:02 AM

Karen Finley, one of the N.E.A. Four, revisits culture wars 25 years after a Supreme Court ruling — amid today’s culture wars — with a work at Art Basel Miami Beach.

12/6/2023 12:25:25 PM

After losing her sight in an accident, Emilie Gossiaux found meaning and art in a bond with her dog, London, celebrated at the Queens Museum.

12/5/2023 2:35:56 PM

A growing number of museums around the country have raised admission fees and cut staff to try to weather the financial setbacks they have faced since the pandemic began.

12/4/2023 4:33:13 PM

In the first half of the 20th century, socially conscious artists in the South were great innovators, reflecting on race, progress and the disappearing plantocracy.

11/30/2023 4:02:01 AM

The London-based designer’s Artist’s Choice exhibition evokes the styles, forms and sounds of the African diaspora.

11/30/2023 4:03:52 AM

The directors, who are part of an art collective, wind up stretching architecture’s net in so many directions that it begins to fray.

11/29/2023 10:52:24 PM

After a five-year renovation, some of the museum’s grandest galleries have reopened. Our critic frames six artworks you cannot miss.

11/24/2023 9:08:10 AM

The artist’s show at Petzel gallery demonstrates his skill and vision across various mediums. But hard questions hover beneath his exuberant works.

12/7/2023 9:48:29 AM